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BART Link21

October 2021- Present
Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

General Outreach

The BART Link21 project is a multiple-decade initiative to enhance transit access throughout the Northern Bay Area through improved rail lines, increased services, and, most significantly, a new Transbay crossing between Oakland and San Francisco. Winter leads outreach in the East Bay and assists in fostering partnerships with CBOs throughout the Bay Area.

Winter continues to engage in on-the-ground outreach, such as tabling at community events, train stations, and popular destinations within their assigned counties and the East Bay. In addition, they also support the implementation of co-creation by communicating and partnering with CBOs to host focus group workshops with equity-priority communities. 

Link21 Equity Advisory Council

Winter facilitates the Link21 Equity Advisory Council, an advisory group made up of 18 residents from across the 21-county megaregion that meet bi-monthly to advise the Link21 program on the matter of equity as the project evolves. Along with facilitation, Winter oversees all documentation for council meetings, drafts communications to council members, and oversees all technical aspects of the Council. Winter works closely with the Link21 team to ensure that council meetings are inclusive, productive, and meaningful for councilmembers. The Equity Advisory Council had its first meeting in February of 2023.

Project Gallery

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