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East Bay Greenway Multimodal Corridor Project

November 2017 - present
Client: Alameda County Transportation Commission

The East Bay Greenway Multimodal Corridor Project is a continuation of previous planning efforts to identify implementable short-, medium-and long-term transit improvements. The East Bay Greenway is a critical inter-jurisdictional arterial corridor that traverses five jurisdictions in Central and Southern Alameda County and is largely managed by Caltrans. Winter Consulting was and still is  instrumental in leading outreach for phase 1 of the project  and continues to facilitate and lead outreach for phase 2 which emphasizes the opportunity for public safety enhancements and opportunities for greening, public art, amenities and various beautification.

Most recently, Winter Consulting has been integral in implementing an outreach plan that is engaging and authentic  to communities along the corridor in Oakland and San Leandro. Engagement activities have included pop-up workshops, co-created focus groups in coordination with community-based organizations, in-depth conversations with business and resident stakeholders along the corridor through door to door visits, and organizing key information dispersal to relevant community members who live along the project corridor.

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