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Dominic Treseler

Engagement Coordinator

Dominic Quan Treseler, originally from Berkeley and a graduate in Political Science from San Jose State University, has cultivated a strong connection to the Bay Area throughout his life. His journey in student advocacy began during his time at SJSU, culminating in his election as President of the California State Student Association. In this role, Dominic served as the voice for nearly half a million students across 23 CSU campuses, focusing on issues of affordability and educational quality, particularly striving to bridge existing opportunity gaps. Also in addition to student advocacy work, Dominic immersed himself in local governance by interning at various levels of government, including local, state, and federal offices. His experiences in these roles and contributions to community-oriented campaigns have deepened his commitment to empowering underserved communities. Through his work  as an Engagement Coordinator at Winter, Dominic remains dedicated to facilitating meaningful community dialogue and ensuring that diverse voices are heard in decision-making processes.


Dominic Treseler
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