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Ivana Rosas

Associate Director

Ivana Rosas is a charismatic city planner, urban designer, and transit enthusiast with a dynamic professional background. She aims to create and maintain safe and resilient communities with soul, rooted in equity and community. As a project manager, Ivana will always ask 'why' and 'who' when it comes to projects to help ensure the purpose and operations match the vision and capacity of the task at hand. Ivana spent the first part of her career supporting global feminist movements, building relationships across social movements before focusing locally with her work. As a ‘social’ city planner, Ivana thrives on creating connections between the public and government agencies to empower residents and impacted communities. A native Spanish-speaker, she is passionate about being a bridge between transportation public processes and Spanish-speaking and equity priority communities to empower them in creating the communities they would like to live in. 


Ivana Rosas
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