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Katie DeLeuw

Senior Director

Katie is a collaborative leader and community engagement strategist with nearly 20 years of experience managing and implementing stakeholder coordination and public participation plans. She is passionate about connecting people to issues that affect them and supporting agencies in making decisions that center the needs of communities. While Katie’s experience spans many sectors, her recent work has primarily focused on community engagement for transportation planning and climate adaptations. Katie was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently lives with her two children in South San Francisco. When not at work, you’ll find Katie riding her bike around town, exploring a local beach, catching some live music, or playing Nintendo with her kids. On a lifelong journey of learning and unlearning, Katie seeks to apply an equity lens to team dynamics and community engagement, actively working to identify, eliminate, and mitigate internal biases, address systemic inequities, and center BIPOC voices and leadership.


Katie DeLeuw
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