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Santiago Vazquez-Garcia

Engagement Coordinator

Santiago is a University of California, Merced Political Science graduate driven by a deep commitment to leadership, relationship building, and cross-sector collaboration for positive community impact. Serving as a catalyst for change, he understands the transformative power of engaging communities and forging meaningful connections. Santiago, beyond his professional pursuits, finds joy in hiking and seamlessly integrates his love for the outdoors with community-building activities. His journey reflects a continuous dedication to making a lasting impact, showcasing the potential of individual efforts to shape a better future for communities. Santiago is actively involved in various projects aimed at enhancing community well-being. He supports initiatives such as complete streets plans designed to develop sustainable, equitable, reliable, and accessible transportation systems. Santiago plays a vital role in organizing and facilitating community events like focus groups and pop-ups, fostering genuine connections between stakeholders.


Santiago Vazquez-Garcia
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