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North San José Multimodal Transportation Improvement Plan

January 2024 - Current
Client: City of San José Department of Transportation

The North San José Multimodal Transportation Improvement Plan (Connect North San José) aims to develop a vision of North San José that provides access for all and reflects the results of thorough engagement. The final plan will include transportation projects, guidelines, and programs that will aim to make North San José safer and easier to get around. For this effort, Winter is conducting stakeholder interviews, focus groups, pop-ups and pop-ins, transportation audits, surveys, and workshops across a two year effort to meaningfully engage community members regarding the transportation infrastructure improvements they want to see in North San José. Winter is using these outreach methods to get in contact with a variety of stakeholders, including large technology companies, small retail businesses, local community based organizations, neighborhood associations, bike and transit organizations, and residents. Winter also manages communications with hundreds of residents about upcoming events.

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