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"The Winter Consulting Team is smart, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for any project that requires experienced, top-notch community engagement."

- Kate White, Associate Principal

 Planning and Policy


Community Engagement

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We provide services in all aspects of engagement scoping, budgeting, designing, planning, and reporting. We engage diverse communities in multiple languages to gain their input on transportation projects, plans, and policies throughout the Bay Area. Our extensive network of community-based organization (CBO) partners gives us a unique reach into historically underserved and underrepresented BIPOC and immigrant communities. We engage the public through:

  • Interactive workshops - both live and online

  • Intercept Surveys 

  • Customized online engagement platforms

  • Online open houses and listening sessions 

  • CBO feedback groups and partnerships

  • Equity Task Force creation and management

  • Leading Public Advisory Committees (PACs) and Technical Advisory Committees (TACs)

  • Focus Groups

  • Pop-up events 

  • Collateral materials, including fact sheets, presentations, flyers

  • Curating speaker series for community inspiration

  • Earned and placed media and social media


Agency Involvement

We have extensive relationships and experience working with elected officials, business leaders, and agency staff. We connect people for important conversations across a wide range of topics, be it the growth of a specific rail line, how cities and transit agencies in a region can collaborate for meaningful growth, or leading conversations to determine priorities for a funding measure.

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